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CHIT-CHAT plus a little review about KITKAT WASABI

Hello everyone!!

It’s been a long time since my last post right?

Oh before I forget it… I am deeply sorry for not able to write my monthly journal anymore. But I hope you guys still support my blog (??).

Okay just like the title of this post… I want to share my favorite website ever! lol and after that I’ll review about “KitKat Wasabi flavor.”

Let’s start with some story… FYI, I won the “KitKat Wasabi” from Lifull Produk. And this review isn’t for promote their website or everything so it just my story which is special for me.

So, I found the Lifull Produk’s Facebook page by accident *lol* and then go to the website. When I look the website, there are so many snacks there.. hahaha. Then I try to apply to some of the free snacks, and back then I never think to win anything from this website since many people apply to get the free snacks there. Can you imagine how many people apply for that. So I didn’t expect anything.

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