Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai ^^, *UPDATED*

Hi readers! It’s been a while..
How’s life? Mine is just getting crazy.. Approaching the end of this semester a lot of assignments waiting for me..^^

Lately I’ve been into Arashi (Japanese Idol Group). Well I actually knew them since I was in first year of Junior High maybe.. But I still in love with Shinwa..^^

So I just finish watching Special Drama (Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai) (maybe some of you wonder, what is the meaning of the title?) It is a dorama’s title..

So yeah..

I know it’s super late to discuss about this dorama.. Since it was released in 2012.
But what can I do… I just know about this movie recently.
I just finish watching it.. It was super fun! and interesting of course.
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Hi readers!

Seperti yang kalian tau masalah yang sedang terjadi dan rame dibicarakan oleh para netizen tentang ‘Kau yang berasal dari Bintang’. Sinetron ini menjadi topik hangat di dunia maya hari-hari ini. Bahkan di Korea sendiri hal ini juga ramai diperbincangkan banyak orang.

Hal ini sudah aku duga sejak melihat iklannya beberapa waktu lalu. Meskipun aku bukan pecinta drama Korea, aku bisa dibilang cukup tau tentang beberapa drama hits di Korea sana. Saat ngeliat judulnya di iklan “Kau yang berasal dari bintang” aku langsung ngeh! Karena drama “You Who Came From The Star” ini adalah drama yang terkenal di Korea.

source: allkpop
source: allkpop

Tapi, cukup kaget juga karena masalah ini bisa sampe segitu hebohnya. Salah satu faktor pastinya karena banyak juga pecinta drama Korea di Indonesia. Dan mereka juga nggak salah kalo sampe mereka nggak terima drama “You Who Came From The Star” diplagiat. Aku aja yang nggak nonton drama itu nggak terima kok… Apalagi buat para fans drama itu… Continue reading “HOT ISSUE??”



Hi readers!

Hohoho… How are you? Sorry for not post anything for a long long time… hehehehe… Well, I don’t know why recently I become interested with make-up.. LOL But don’t worry I’m not planning to be a beauty blogger or anything like that… Because I’m not a PRO and I think it’ll fun to give some review about some beauty product (that I had). Well, for the next post I’ll try to make some review about it! But you know, I still newbie in make-up things lol.. so don’t expect so much from me… lol…

Well, See you on next post… 😀

Nb: (always) sorry for my poor English… ^^v