Hi readers! How’s your day? It is a sudden review from me. Okay, as you can see from the title. Today I am going to review about 13MONTH COSMETIC – SKINSHIP STEAM CUSHION. First thing first, when I got home today from Salatiga, I saw some silver package on my bed. I thought I was my brother’s. Then I saw my name on it.

I was very surprised! I don’t remember ordering anything online. Also it is from Korea! I thought it was my old package that didn’t reach me until now because it was held by customs duty (?). Well, forget it. And I read the sender information and surprisingly it is from 0.8L (Indonesia)! I don’t even remember what I applied. So I opened it, and it was this cute cushion.

Front ^^,

Back ^^
Back ^^

I have no idea what it is about since I’m not good at Korean. SO I use google translate! Lol

This translation are copied directly from google translate. But, I think you will still understand it, right? 😀



13month skinship steam cushion

SPF50+, PA+++

Wrinkle Improvement-Whitening-UV Protection Triple Functional Cosmetic

[Effect] Helps to whiten skin

Helps to improve the wrinkle of the skin

Protects skin from UV rays (SPF50+, PA+++)

[How to Use] Puff to the skin with appropriate amount

[Capacity and Weight] 15g


*The rest of the sentences are explaining about if you need to exchange your product and also production place (?) So I don’t write it here.


BTW, I got number 22 the darkest shade. There are only 2 shades available based on the website.


I can’t hold myself to open it right away. The packaging is super duper cute. It looks so elegant with soft pink and silver lining. When you open it, as usual you get a sponge for the application. The sponge is very soft. I LOVE IT!

luvly <3
luvly ❤
Super soft black sponge ^^,
Super soft black sponge ^^,

When it come to you, like the other cushion products, the cushion part is still sealed.


I tried my best not to try it right away, but what can I do? I cannot resist this cutie!



So pardon my face!

I tried it on my half face first. Sorry there will be many pictures of my face, because I tried many spots in my bedroom to find the best brightness



Here is the result on my face! I made a mistake by picking up too many product which make it look a little bit too white on my face. However, the final result isn’t that bad I guess

Normal light (this is the best spot in my house, where I usually took selfies)
Normal light (this is the best spot in my house, where I usually took selfies)
Under the light (I don't even know whether this is necessary)
Under the light (I don’t even know whether this is necessary)

So my final thought?

I wrote my first impression on my IG.

Before that, firstly let me apologize for the quality of the pictures because I took it with my phone. Second, sorry for the background. Lastly, I am not a professional beauty blogger, I haven’t write many reviews on beauty product so please understand my review. I’ve tried my best ^^,

*From the packaging, it is super cute! No doubt! I love it very much. It look elegant as I said before. It also come with mirror which is very helpful for the application. Also the case is equipped with magnet (?) So you don’t need extra energy to close it.. lol

*The product itself is very good for me. It is light and not sticky on the skin. It has dewy finish (but not too dewy, just give you the right amount of ‘shine’) lol. For you who want it to be more matte finish, maybe you can use powder on top. The coverage, for me is enough. Especially for daily use. I don’t really use make up on daily basis. So the coverage of this cushion is enough for me. It does cover some dark spot on my face. The consistency is quite thick but blendable. I don’t need much product to cover my face!

*The scent is nice. It doesn’t have strong smell. A light sweet smell, which is good. Love it.

*The price? According to the website it is cost ₩ 39,000 which is more than Rp. 450,000 (I counted it via google.. lol) I maybe will not buy it by myself because it is quite expensive for me. There are many cushion that cheaper than this one. ^^v

Overall, this cushion is very nice. Nice on the skin too.

Have any comments about this product? Please feel free to leave your comment down below!

Have a nice day!



    1. Yes, it is super expensive (especially for me) 😄. Still it can be too bright for some people with darker complexion… I wish they have more shades 😂😂

    1. Sorry for the late reply.. 😀
      Yeepp.. I won’t buy it myself.. 😀
      It didn’t cause any breakouts on me.. TBH it makes my skin feel softer (or just my feeling?) lol..
      I wonder if I can use the case for another cushion.. wkwkwk..

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