Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai ^^, *UPDATED*

Hi readers! It’s been a while..
How’s life? Mine is just getting crazy.. Approaching the end of this semester a lot of assignments waiting for me..^^

Lately I’ve been into Arashi (Japanese Idol Group). Well I actually knew them since I was in first year of Junior High maybe.. But I still in love with Shinwa..^^

So I just finish watching Special Drama (Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai) (maybe some of you wonder, what is the meaning of the title?) It is a dorama’s title..

So yeah..

I know it’s super late to discuss about this dorama.. Since it was released in 2012.
But what can I do… I just know about this movie recently.
I just finish watching it.. It was super fun! and interesting of course.
Sho-can appearance is just unbelievable… Super short but super funny! lol
I just like “what are you doing here Kageyama..” >_<
Just like MatsuJun.. I thought it was Oh-chan.. hahaha..

Well,my reason to write this post is not to give my thought about this dorama but I ended up write it..
It is very hard to find this dorama everywhere.. I need to download it via torrent like for a whole day. The subtitle is available but not the RAW.
So, I decide to upload it (not today, but hopefully in this week.).

So if you interested with this dorama, please leave comment below..
Or maybe your thought about this dorama you can also leave comment here..

*PLEASE if you are excited for the link, leave comment below.. It only takes a minute or two.. But it means a lot to me..^^

That’s all from today..
After I finish upload it, I will let you guys now..

Thank you^^

*I finished uploading the RAW.. For the download link you can go here.. ^^


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