My Daily Face Care Products

Hello readers! 😀
Happy Sunday and Happy Passover!
I have been very busy recently because the last week of the semester is coming! I have a lot of assignment and exam waiting for me. So I want to take some time to share my daily face care products.

IMG_20150405_090916 copy

  1. Facial Wash (Foam)

I am using facial wash by Himalaya. I’ve been trying so many facial wash yet I still looking for the other one that suits my skin best. Then this one came across my mind. This is Oil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash.  Recently I’m looking for products that didn’t contain like paraben and alcohol. And this one claims that it didn’t contain paraben, SLS/SLES and Phthalates. After using this one, I promise myself to not to change my facial wash again. 😀

IMG_20150405_091524 copy

IMG_20150405_091450 copy

IMG_20150405_091543 copy

IMG_20150405_091809 copy
Foamy.. Love love.. ❤

  1. Face Scrub

This scrub is also from Himalaya called Purifying Neem Scrub for combination-oily skin. But unfortunately unlike the facial wash which is paraben free, this scrub contains paraben (the common one). So little bit disappointed because I thought it was also paraben free. Because I just use it once, I still don’t feel any ‘benefits’ from this scrub. I bought this because the seller told me that before using the mask, I better use the scrub. So I just bought the small size one.

IMG_20150405_091604 copy

IMG_20150405_091618 copy

IMG_20150405_092021 copy

IMG_20150405_092205 copy
Scrub.. scrub.. So many scrub.. 😀
  1. Face Mask

This is also my first time trying Himalaya face mask. This one is Purifying Mud Mask also for combination-oily skin. I bought different series for each because I DIDN’T FIND THE LEMON SERIES! Lol. All should be the same series with the facial wash I think. But because I cannot find it. I just chose for oily skin. Same with the facial scrub this one also contains paraben. I had a very scary experience with this one. Yesterday after using the foam and the scrub and drying my face with towel, then I applying the mask my face feel like it is burning and also stinging. I hurriedly washed my face. Luckily it didn’t cause any problem to my skin. Before bath, I tried it once more time (just the mask). It still feel stinging a little bit, but I can handle it until it dried. I am very afraid but I decided to try it one more time later. If it is don’t cause any burning and stinging sensation again I’ll use it. But if still same then Goodbye.. 😀

IMG_20150405_091641 copy

IMG_20150405_091656 copy

IMG_20150405_092256 copy
Watery Texture
IMG_20150405_092339 copy
Easy to use.. 😀

*I believe this reaction did not happen to everyone. So I hope you do not worry about it. Maybe it can be suitable for your skin too. Because this product (Himalaya) is popular for its effectiveness.

**UPDATE! After experiencing a scary moment while using this mud mask. I tried to search on the web and here is the answer! That burning / stinging sensation is normal. Everyone experienced it especially in the open pores area. It just the effect that will go away several minutes. After you wash it, your skin will become smoother and tighter. 😀 ❤

  1. Toner

Last but not least is toner. This one is from Mizon (Korean brand) called Witch Hazel 90% Toner. This one is for oily skin. It claims that it can help for pore tightening, but I didn’t see any differences in my pores. Lol But I love it. Since the scent is very fresh and also alcohol free!

IMG_20150405_090943 copy
Love the packaging 😀

IMG_20150405_091028 copy

For Repurchase I think YES for Himalaya Face Wash and the Toner from Mizon.


What is your favorite daily face care products?

Share it with us!
Have a nice day !



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