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CHIT-CHAT plus a little review about KITKAT WASABI

Hello everyone!!

It’s been a long time since my last post right?

Oh before I forget it… I am deeply sorry for not able to write my monthly journal anymore. But I hope you guys still support my blog (??).

Okay just like the title of this post… I want to share my favorite website ever! lol and after that I’ll review about “KitKat Wasabi flavor.”

Let’s start with some story… FYI, I won the “KitKat Wasabi” from Lifull Produk. And this review isn’t for promote their website or everything so it just my story which is special for me.

So, I found the Lifull Produk’s Facebook page by accident *lol* and then go to the website. When I look the website, there are so many snacks there.. hahaha. Then I try to apply to some of the free snacks, and back then I never think to win anything from this website since many people apply to get the free snacks there. Can you imagine how many people apply for that. So I didn’t expect anything.

Time flies…

On Monday (October 6th)  the hardest day every week. I waited in front of my class for my class at 1 PM. I opened my laptop and seeing some post on my facebook until I found this post.


Well, I’m surprised. Never thought that I will win!

It is just a small prize, why I am so happy anyway?
The reason is… I’m craving for this KitKat!

I always wanted to try KitKat that sold only in Japan with many flavor. The flavor that very popular in here (Indonesia) is KitKat Green Tea. But, it hard to find.. only some of online shop sell it and the price is… little bit too expensive for snacks so I’m very happy.  Well, from some snacks that I applied finally I got this!! 😀

I told my brothers and both of them I think… excited too.:D

I’m excited to try this KitKat. Wasabi.. have you ever ate that before?? I already tasted it before with sushi (well, you don’t say). I’m curious about the taste.

And on Friday I discovered the package from Lifull!! I don’t know when was the packaged arrived because I’m outside the city…



IMG_20141010_201302 copy


IMG_20141010_201506 copy

Okay so… I can’t give you the photo of the kitkat because suddenly my Bluetooth didn’t work… 😥

You can google it anyway..

This is the packaging…

IMG_20141010_201616 copy IMG_20141010_202751 copy IMG_20141010_201631 copy

Let me just tell you about the taste…

Mmm… TBH it’s little bit disappointing… because the taste didn’t like what I expected. What you can taste is only the white chocolate..

That’s all… I’m not recommended this kitkat for you to try if you seek for unique taste.

But overall… I’m happy… because I finally can try out this kitkat…




2 thoughts on “CHIT-CHAT plus a little review about KITKAT WASABI”

    1. Yes you should!!

      Entah lidahku yang kurang sensitif atau gimana cuma kalo buat aku sih nggak kerasa…
      lebih dominan rasa coklat putihnya….

      Ayo sini… tak kasi,,, hahaha…

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