Hello guys!!
I’m back with this!!!
I’m verryyy haapppyyy now…..
Finally I got this DVD….
Well, I’m gonna give some review about this DVD… Maybe not a review but a comparison with Shinhwa 14th Anniversary…

First, the opening looked very different from the 14th anniversary. I mean it’s kinda ‘flat’ not as spectacular as the 14th anniversary. The next is the editing! Yeah, I felt that 14th anniversary DVD had softer editing or plot ( I don’t know how to explain it…) Well yeah, when I watched the 15th anniversary DVD the plot seems to be very fast, the song played continuously without pauses. When I watched Shinhwa 14th anniversary DVD, the plot flew very soft, I mean before the song played there were some long pauses like when they changed their clothes or something like that. In this 15th anniversary DVD, It’s like the light went black and in one second BOOM!! they appeared in different clothes and started sing again. For me it’s too fast maybe because there’s no VRC at all… And then, I saw some familiar scene in this DVD since they performed some same songs from their 14th anniversary concert.

But, in their 15th anniversary they showed their other side (if you know what I mean.. lol) Like their cuteness and many more. When they performed their song ‘STAY’ they’re very cute, and also handsome… This concert feel like showed their colorful side! Cool yet cute… 🙂 And I really really satisfied with their look in this concert, they looked really cool!! AWESOME!! They chose really great costume for their 15th anniversary concert!! Ah.. also… they did some upgrade for some of their songs…

I never say that I didn’t like this DVD…. I LOVE IT!!! Even there’re some minus points… BUT I REALLY ENJOY WATCHING IT!!! Especially Hyesung oppa… Oh… he is very very handsome…. #uppsss The other oppas look handsome too…. THEY’RE AWESOME!! SHINHWA 짱!!!

This DVD came with a keychain and a photo note… Yes… When I open the photo note, at the first I thought it was a photo book, but why the paper so different and there’s some blank space. I found out that that’s a photo note when I closed it… (Y) Yeah, maybe I can write some note on it… 😛

I give you some pictures…

And… This is bonus for you.. 🙂


NOTE: Again… I’m sorry for my poor English… 😦 But, I hope you still understand what I’m trying to say…. 🙂


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