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New Year, New Room

Hello again readers!
Eeehheemm… Well, I promised to write about my boarding house… So now, I’ll tell you about my boarding house

Okay, I never expected to stayed in my-now-boarding house before. Because of many things, so here I am…. Well, my first 3 months in my boarding house I must share my room with my friend because yeah.. the other rooms was full. I thought it’s better than looking for other boarding houses. Well, that 3 months experienced was very awful… my or I should say ‘our’ room was TOTALLY MESS!! Because of the size of the room that not big enough for two of us with our stuffs.. So the room became overload… *sigh* We or this time I should say ME didn’t have privacy, we started argued about something small. When we wanted to clean our room, we needed to took out all our stuff outside the room. You know… We looked like stranger there who took out all the stuff from our room and cleaned the room like crazy!!! gggrrr… My first 3 months in this boarding house was a bad memories… lol

When I shared my room, I had a plan to move from 2nd floor to 1st floor. But, if I wanted the 2st floor room, I need to wait until MARCH!!! WHAT??? SERIOUSLY??? IT’S TOO LONG!! But, one day I heard a news… that there will be a vacant room in December in the 2nd floor. After thinking several months whether take it or not, I decided to took the room.

I needed to painted the wall because it was green before. Well, now I already have my own room… I’m really happy! Well, even in my first day, I felt strange because I slept alone…. but still happy! 😀

Here, some photos of my new room…  I took this with my friend’s phone’s camera xD
ATTENTION PLEASE! In this photos you will see a mess.. because I’m not prepared for a photo session before… It’s a sudden photo session…. lol

Foto1314 Foto1313 Foto1315 Foto1316 Foto1312

New Year, New Room, New Life…. xD



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