Hi again guys!
I’m back with my new collection.. lol

I just added 1 CD to my collections.. xD
This is it…
Lee Minwoo – IInd Winds 🙂

DSCF1906 copy

This CD released on September 3rd, 2005

This CD is Chinese Licensed if I not mistake.. xD
Because I can see Chinese letters there…

This not Brand New CD, I mean it is a secondhand CD…
But it still in great condition lol….

With this CD, there are a mini photo book and a lyric book…

DSCF1907 copy
Not bad at all, right… xD

DSCF1908 copy
Ahh… also.. the songs… You better listen it yourself… (because whether you like it or not, it depends on yourself..)
But for me… All the songs are GREAT…
The songs… really.. Minwoo-like-song (???) lol

Lee Minwoo 짱!!!



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