Hi readers…

I want to share the film that I recently watched and this film made me fell in love withย  ‘KIM DONGWAN‘ like a crazy!


Yeongasi / Deranged..

This film released on 2012…

Jae-hyuk (Kim Myung-min) is a former professor with a doctorate in biochemistry who is currently working as a pharmaceutical sales representative after losing his life savings and his job due to a bad investment he made in the stock market from advice he received from his younger brother. When a series of dead bodies are found floating in the Han River, the public is shocked to discover that the deaths are related to a fatal outbreak of virus-infected mutant parasitic horsehair worms, called Yeongasi, that can control the human brain. Those infected show symptoms of increased hunger without appropriate weight gain and excessive thirst when the worms are mature and ready to reproduce. Hence, they jump into the river to allow the worms to come out of the body. While the authorities work to find a cure, Jae-hyuk and his brother Jae-pil (Kim Dong-wan), a detective agonized with guilt for squandering Jae-hyuk’s money in the stock market, struggle to save Jae-hyuk’s family when they also exhibit similar symptoms. (from Wikipedia)

I decided to watched this film because of… well… Kim Dongwan. After read the synopsis of this film I honestly full of doubt… lol.. whether watch it or not… Because the genre is…. science fiction HORROR THRILLER! What?? HORROR?? Oh, thanks… But… Kim Dongwan…. aarrgghh…. Okay, I’ll watch it! lol… I downloaded the film and looking for the subtitle which is very difficult to find and finally…. began to watch it!

The beginning of this story little bit confusing for me, because I don’t know the casts (hahaha..) And… after a little-bit-long-waiting (???) Finally… Our Dongwan appeared!! Yay!! MANSE!!! #forgetit Well, while watching this film I must brought a pillow to covered my eyes for several times… because… you know… is kinda scary… lol… KIM DONGWAN!!! yyaayy… He act as a detective… He’s so cool in this film.. Seriously!!! *faint**nosebleed*

Well, my first reason to watched this film obviously because of Dongwan… But, after watched the story…. It’s NOT BAD AT ALL… I mean the story itself really touching and also very tense… A husband tried to cure his wife and his children in a very complicated situation….

I cried a bit while watching this film….

Well, you better watch it yourself… You will find how great this film! ๐Ÿ˜€

OH!! BE CAREFUL !!! SOMETHING SCARY WAIT YOU!! hahahaha…. No! Just kidding!! Believe me!! xD


– ๋ –


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