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Me and KPOP ?

I just wanna share some story…
The story is about me….
Yeah! ME!


For some readers who already read this blog… I believe you knew that I fell in love with an Idol group from South Korea called SHINHWA

Actually, I’m not really interested in Kpop, and honestly I’m not a ‘Kpop Lovers’… Because I “don’t like” all about Korea, I just like some of Korean things (???) I just like SHINHWA… That’s all.. So, I’m not a Kpop Lovers…ย  I’m just a SHINHWA’s fan..
Many people thought that I am a Kpop lovers… But I’m not!

At the first time I didn’t know anything about KPOP! When I was in elementary school I love watching J-Drama and Anime. When I was in my Junior High School, that time in Indonesia a Korean Drama entitled BBF or Boys Before Flower was very popular amongย  many teenagers. Almost all of my friends especially girls, they all talk about it, I thought it was the first time Kpop became very popular in Indonesia. Honestly, again… I’m not interested in something like that!
My very first Korean MV that I watched is DBSK – Ballon and HUG. I watched it because my friend asked me to download it for her, then it stayed in my computer for a long time before finally I watched it. I knew KPOP not long ago, I was in High School back then. It wasn’t because I interested in Kpop but because of I wanted to pull a prank on my other friend!

Here’s the story, I and my friend (with the initial T for Tirza.. lol), we really really sick of our friend because of something (xD). So, we decided to make a Fake Account in Facebook. But, to made our friend ‘believe’ that my Fake Account is REAL we need to make a friend as many as we can! But how?? Then, Tirza gave me a suggestion to used a fandom’s name after my (fake) name in Facebook. Since then, I liked many Fan Page that contained many KPOP news especially about… *tttiitttt* (the group that I used).

One day, at night, I opened my fake account and I saw a news about the group’s MV. I watched it because I’m curious! But, after watched it, since that night I really like that group. I even asked Tirza to helped me memorized the member (because I thought all members had same face.. lol). And, FYI Tirza had so many MV(s) in her laptop, yes she liked almost all of the Korean Idol Groups. Since then, I really liked Kpop, but, well not Kpop, just that group. I changed a lot after became the group’s fan. I became CRAZY! I cried because I can’t goย to their Concert! Less than 1 year, I decided to ‘OUT’ from that fandom and became SHINHWA CHANGJO. WHY? Well, I had so many bad experiences when I joined that fandom, so many childish fans and many more reasons. After I decided to became a SHCJ, I changed a lot. I became more mature these days because of them. I didn’t cry again just because I can’t go to their concert, I started saving my money to buy their albums, very different from the past. Well, I thought that the fans are similar with their idol.
Other story… Because I liked SHINHWA, I often post their photos on Facebook, and others social medias. I often left comments on my friends’ post and left comments on Online Shop so, sometimes I received many friends request from Kpop lovers but I rarely confirmed it. WHY? Well, I don’t know them, well I also had some unknown friends on my facebook… So, I don’t want to increase my unknown friends. Especially for…. some people who used uncommon name like M3RRY or H3LL0 my N4m3 15…. I make sure that I will never accept your friend request. I hate that kind of people… If I accept that kind of person, my wall will full of spams. Better I not accept it from the beginning than I block her/his account later.

Maybe, this post will make some of you angry at me… That’s okay… I will take it… But this is what I feel… You have the right to like an idol group, but please… The others also have the right to not-to-like your idol group. They can like others idol groups. I heard many fanwar… Especially the fans who angry like crazy in a fan-page that dislike their idol. Some of them knew that, that is the idol group anti-fans, but they tried to acted like superwoman, enter that page and tried to resolved the problem… In the end, it just made another fanwar.

C’mon guys! Think again! Be mature! Everyone have their own choice… You can’t command them to like your idol… This is all my experienced… My REAL life experience…


note: in this post, you will see many grammatical mistake… please understand my poor English… I’ll improve it…. lol… ๐Ÿ˜€


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